Training is more than ever a key-element in the anticipation of changes. From on-job trainings, till sessions organized within the frame of an annual training plan, or even customized trainings, Apave offers a complete and adjustable range of trainings covering various fields: design – construction – installation – exploitation – production – maintenance – competencies – management – organization – safety of persons & goods – food safety - environment - etc.

Following a continuous growth scheme, the training activity asserts itself as an important factor in the development of Apave that relies on a network of competent local and international experts with a double “professional” and “educational” expertise. Competency fields include pressure vessels, civil works, electricity, energy, as well as lifting, maintenance, mechanics quality, risk prevention, safety, hygiene, etc.

A training plan including more than fifteen topics is annually designed based on values directly oriented towards operational efficiency: integration of technological advancements, risk management awareness, development of competencies, etc. These public sessions bring together the different actors in the market over a common theme, creating an opportunity to share experience and know-how. Within this process, more than 500 persons participate every year to training programs organized by Apave.

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