In a complex competitive environment, organizations are now aware of the strategic advantage of improving their performance via global approach relevant to economic, environmental and organizational aspects.
Health & safety at work, environmental conservation, quality, productivity, maintenance management, etc.: in order to help organizations & communities taking up these challenges, Apave Nigeria offers an assistance process based on a total listening, quality diagnosis, construction of a pertinent project and its right adaptation.

Beyond diagnosis and establishment of action plans, practical implementation of those plans and their outputs assessment constitute a natural continuation of this activity. Thus, identifying changes to be undertaken is only a first step. Piloting the changes and validating them on site constitute a real way of verifying the efficiency of the consultancy in all its dimensions. 

APAVE Nigeria works with local administrations and companies operating in all sectors of activity, helping them to develop their organization and management systems. Performance enhancement can be applied to various domains according to the problems the company is facing, e.g. evaluating the degree of risk control and performance, implementing a reference-based management system, targeting performance enhancement, reorganizing entirely the activities of the company. 

APAVE Nigeria puts its consultants’ expertise at your service, coaching them in many activities or projects they are willing to undertake:

  • Environmental protection and environmental Management (ISO 14001)
  • Quality management (ISO 9001)
  • Food safety (ISO 22000, HACCP...)
  • Human safety
  • Healthcare safety and quality (OHSAS 18001) Added value and performance
  • Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)- Mainta Software
  • Hospital Accreditation

APAVE Nigeria carried out many consulting missions in the region.