Technical control of construction sites, safety of persons and protection of goods, technical diagnosis, expertise in property development and civil engineering, etc. Apave Nigeria puts at the disposal of the consultants, design engineers, contractors and client representatives all the know-how of its qualified personnel.   
The technical missions with highly economic stakes assigned to Apave Nigeria are undertaken by engineers with recognized competencies in the building & civil works field in addition to a wide site experience.

The technical control on construction sites is applied throughout the whole duration of a project, beginning from the design phase in order to contribute to the prevention of technical hazards, through the execution phase and until the end of works.

APAVE Nigeria offers you all the expertise and dynamism of a specialized group, ready to achieve missions related to different aspects of the construction and civil engineering sector:
  • Shoring & Retaining Works
  • Structural, Solidity, & Earthquake Design
  • Building Envelope & Architectural Trade
  • Fire Safety
  • Functioning of Electrical and Mechanical Installations
  • Handicap accessibility/span>
  • Thermal & Acoustic insulation/span>
  • Energy Audit / Green Buildings/span>
APAVE Nigeria carried out numerous construction & civil works missions in the region since 2011.