advanced NDT capabilities

We have teams that are part of the specialized NDT crews that we train and invest in

API inspections and RBI engineers, Plant Inspectors

Our Teams are multi-disciplined

Our Equipment is dispersed in strategic locations for faster reactivity

  • Digital RT & Code X-Ray Film Scanning

  • UT TOFD and UT Phased Array (S – Scan)

  • Mapscan (C-Scan) & Data Logging (A-Scan)=> RBI

  • Plant Inspection:  API 510, 570 & 653, 580  (RBI)

  • ET for welds/structure & ET for Tubes, IRIS, RFT ET

  • ACFM

  • IRT (Thermography- Infrared Inspection)

  • Auto UT (Auto UT Phased Array and TOFD)

  • LRUT

  • Rope Access NDT (All Methods)

  • Cathodic Protection Measurement and Consulting

  • Painting and Coating Inspection and Consulting

  • PSV / PRV Inspection and Certification

  • FloorMap scanning