About us

Created in 1867, Apave constitutes today much more than a simple French group. It is a very large network to which more than 200,000 customers have recourse to in order to reduce their risks. 8,000 professionals of risk control, including 6,000 engineers and technicians, are, everyday, proud to undertake this trust mission from 22 countries, 130 agencies, 8 laboratories and 127 training centers.

Regional subsidiary of the Apave Group, APAVE presents today a global offer of technical and intellectual services, the most complete on the market, in order to satisfy the needs of its customers in all sectors of the economy: organizations, communities, industries, health institution, entertainment & services, buildings and good management, distribution, transport, logistics, energy…

APAVE is structured into 5 divisions, covering together five fields of activity:
  • Buildings
  • Inspection and Technical Assistance
  • Consultancy
  • Training
  • Testing and Measurement

With more than 3 years of presence in the market and the expertise of its engineers and consultants, APAVE Nigeria conducted hundreds of missions to the satisfaction of its different stakeholders and continues to prove its efficiency through both a positive return from its clients and social base paralleled to a constant progression of its turnover and number of employees.

APAVE Nigeria succeeded to adapt to its environment while constantly delivering its quality products in conformity with the Group ethics and level of service.